After a horrifying reaction, a beauty lover’s lips have ballooned 20 times their normal size, resulting in giant “sausage lips.”


After a horrifying reaction, a beauty lover’s lips ballooned 20 times their normal size, resulting in giant “sausage lips.”

Danielle Bolton, 24, was told that her swelling would subside in an hour, but her lips swelled to 20 times their normal size.

After a horrifying allergic reaction, a beauty fan claims she was left with 20-fold swollen’sausage lips.’

Daniella Bolton went to have her lip filler dissolved because it had been a while, and the beautician told her that her swelling would go away soon, but after she left, they began to grow larger by the minute.

Her lips had completely ballooned by the time she got home, so the worried 24-year-old dashed to the doctor, where she was prescribed steroid tablets, which quickly reduced the swelling.

Daniella’s horrifying photos and video show her massive lips and puffy face, which she endured for four hours before they finally shrank after she was given medication.

After an “awful” experience, the sales administrator wants to raise awareness about the serious reactions that can occur after the procedure, even if you get a patch test beforehand like she did.

“My reaction was awful,” Daniella, from Edinburgh, said.

They resembled sausage lips.

I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating, but they seemed to be about 20 times their normal size.

It was extremely frightening.

I was taken aback because I’d never seen my lips grow that large before.

“I was just worried about how they looked because I couldn’t tell if it was normal or if it would go away.”

“When are they going to go down?” I thought in a panic.

Daniella said she originally scheduled an appointment for half a millilitre of filler, but she changed her mind and had it dissolved and started over to avoid the filler migrating.

She claims she had her patch test 10-15 minutes before the procedure, which involved injecting hyaluronidase, an enzyme that dissolves filler, into her lips.

“I got a little patch test in my arm just to see if it would be okay,” Daniella explained.

My skin became slightly red, but I already have extremely sensitive skin, so I didn’t think much of it.

“The injections were administered to my lips.

They grew quickly, but it appears that when you.

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