After money fell from an armored vehicle, drivers came to a halt to pick up thousands of dollars scattered across the freeway.


After money fell from an armored vehicle, drivers came to a halt to collect thousands of dollars scattered across the freeway.

DRIVERS on a California highway came to a halt to pick up thousands of dollars in cash that had fallen from an armored vehicle.

According to the California Highway Patrol, two people were arrested after allegedly getting out of their car on Friday morning to pick up cash that was blowing across the San Diego freeway.

According to Fox5, the chaos on the road began when the doors of an armored truck on the interstate flew open, scattering the cash.

The driver of the armored truck allegedly attempted to pick up the cash at first, but then began recording the drivers who stopped to take it.

“It is not your money if you find money on the freeway,” Sgt.

At a press conference, Curtis Martin.

“The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), this armored truck, and the bank are all owned by the FDIC.”

It should be returned.”

Martin went on to say that two people, a man and a woman, were arrested on suspicion of stealing the money.

The two adults’ car allegedly blocked traffic after they were locked out while trying to get cash.

A witness to the incident, Travis Fisher, told Fox5 that he estimated the amount of money on the freeway to be in the thousands of dollars.

“When I see all these things floating around, I realize it’s money,” Fisher explained.

“It was a little out of control.”

“There was a sea of bills everywhere,” says the narrator.

Officials were seen blocking the freeway and collecting bills to place them in plastic bags within an hour.

Sectran Security Inc. was said to own the armored vehicle, and authorities are investigating why the doors opened, spilling the cash.

Officials believe that social media videos of the incident will aid them in locating those who took money.

Martin requested that anyone who picked up money return it to the authorities.

“Please bring it to the CHP office in Vista, and we’ll take it from there,” Martin said, adding that those who returned the money might face repercussions.

In the ongoing investigation, the CHP said they are collaborating with the FBI.

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Chaos erupted on a California freeway when cash started flying from an armored vehicleTwo people were arrested after being locked out of their car during the incidentThe armored vehicle was reportedly owned by Sectran Security Inc.Authorities are working to figure out why the doors of the armored truck openedOfficials were seen picking up bills to put them in plastic bags

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