After Neufchâteau, Throws : a new scandal of fake proxies !


The investigation relates to the time list MR-Open VLD Throws. We speak of signatures, fake certificates and doubtful.

We have in mind the scandal said Neufchâteau. The one involving Dimitri Fourny, which has led to the indictment of 21 people following an investigation on false powers of attorney to the municipal elections of October 2018. Had resulted in the cancellation of the election. (see below).

After Neufchâteau, The DH learns that another survey on false proxies for elections of October 2018, is being conducted by the police judicial federal (federal judicial police) of Brussels. It relates to the list MR-Open VLD Throws. That the October 14, 2018 was led by the former alderman, liberal Geoffrey Lepers and driven by the current brussels minister of Finance, Sven Gatz. A list on which was also included in twentieth position Shirley Dean, the candidate, MR became a councillor after the elections. The young woman is responsible nurse in a residence for seniors, of which we only cite not the name. A family business run by his brother. And this is the rest house that starts the investigation The DH has knowledge today. The folder for tens of votes by proxy from this residence for the elderly.


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