After the Downing Street briefing war and Tory MPs’ outrage, Boris Johnson is at odds with Rishi Sunak.


Boris Johnson is at odds with Rishi Sunak following the Downing Street briefing war and the outrage of Tory MPs.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have opposing views on the state of the economy.

Conservative MPs are concerned that Boris Johnson’s electoral appeal is eroding as tensions between the Treasury and 10 Downing Street rise.

After weeks of turmoil in Parliament, Rishi Sunak’s closest aide has been accused of briefing against the Prime Minister, while the Chancellor is said to believe that Mr Johnson is presiding over “chaos.”

Backbenchers have complained that the party leadership has a history of “overpromising and underdelivering,” with policies on social care and public transportation that are less generous than originally suggested, and they are still angry about how the parliamentary sleaze row was handled.

Mr Sunak’s most senior special adviser, Liam Booth-Smith, has been publicly identified as the source of an explosive anonymous BBC quote claiming that the No 10 operation is “just not working.”

Treasury officials deny Mr Booth-Smith, who was once close to Dominic Cummings, is to blame, and one of the Chancellor’s allies claims Mr Johnson’s team shot the aide in a “drive-by shooting.”

According to sources on both sides of the Downing Street divide, tensions exist between the two teams, with Mr Sunak keen to bring borrowing under control and begin cutting taxes, while Mr Johnson wants to ensure that public spending continues to rise in order to benefit voters who backed the Conservatives in the last election.

“Rishi is not confrontational, but he takes things seriously,” a friend of the Chancellor told The Times.

He thinks things through and goes through them logically.

He’s fed up with the No. 10 operation.

No 10 is a shambles.”

However, the two men continue to communicate regularly, and their advisers are collaborating closely on issues such as the upcoming “leveling up” white paper.

Given Mr Johnson’s popularity among key swing voters in “red wall” constituencies, few Conservative MPs expect him to face a leadership challenge before the next election.

However, in response to the turbulence, backbenchers are becoming more willing to rebel against the leadership.

“The honeymoon period is over,” a senior Tory told me, adding, “When you win an 80-seat majority, you’ll have loyalty from your MPs for a certain period of time out of respect for that.”

“It’s done now.”

Officials from No. 10 are in charge.

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Boris Johnson is at odds with Rishi Sunak as a result of the Downing Street briefing war and the outrage of Tory MPs.

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Boris Johnson faces tensions with Rishi Sunak after Downing Street briefing war and Tory MPs’ anger

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