‘Agitators’ set fire to Oakland courthouse & attack police station as hundreds of protesters march through city (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)


A courthouse was torched and a police station vandalized during a large protest in Oakland, California. The violence comes as several other cities across the US were hit by rioting
and chaotic demonstrations.

Oakland Police said that “agitators” had started a blaze inside the Alameda County Superior Courthouse on Saturday night. A video shows a fire raging inside the building. 

Earlier in the evening, protesters attacked a police station, with reports saying they broke windows and painted graffiti on the building. Others shot fireworks and pointed lasers at officers and helicopters monitoring the situation. Oakland police later shared photographs of the aftermath. 

The violence came as hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of downtown Oakland, apparently in ‘solidarity’ with Portland demonstrators engaged in nightly clashes with federal officers. Footage shows a large column of protesters filling the city’s streets, with the front row of demonstrators carrying shields. 

Despite numerous reports of violence and vandalism, no arrests have been made, local media reported. For weeks, Black Lives Matter activists have held regular protests across the US, with some of the demonstrations descending into riots.

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