Al-Shabaab attack repulsed by Somali military, which killed 21 terrorists.


Al-Shabaab attack thwarted by Somali military, which killed 21 terrorists.

A firefight has resulted in the death of a number of military personnel.

Somalia’s capital, MOGADISHU

Officials say the Somali National Army and forces from the country’s Galmudug region defeated an al-Shabaab attack on Sunday, killing at least 21 of the terrorist group’s members.

According to a military official and residents who spoke to Anadolu Agency by phone, a fierce firefight erupted in the town of Adakibir in the country’s Galgadud region following an attack by heavily armed al-Shabaab terrorists.

“Both sides used heavy weapons during the fight, which lasted over an hour.”

Thankfully, no civilians were killed, but bodies of al-Shabaab militants were found all over,” the military official said on condition of anonymity.

“The Somali National Army and Galmudug regional forces valiantly repelled an Al Shabab attack on (hashtag)Adakibir town in the (hashtag)Galgadud region, killing 21 terrorists.”

“Four SNA heroes were martyred in the fighting, including Ali Cagaweyn, Commander of the 13th Battalion of the 21st Division,” Somali national television (SNTV) tweeted.

Terrorists from Al-Shabaab have increased their attacks in central Somalia, targeting military personnel and towns in Galmudug.

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