All NHS workers should get pay rise after Covid say three quarters of Tory voters


NEARLY three quarters of Tory voters believe all NHS workers should get a pay rise, according to a new poll.

Despite Chancellor Rishi Sunak handing out a fresh pay rise to doctors this week, 73 per cent of Tory voters believe a pay rise for all staff including nurses, paramedics and porters is appropriate following the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurses have been handed a 4.4 per cent rise, but critics say their salaries are still below 2010 levels.

The Sevanta ComRes poll for campaign group 38 Degrees said more than half (53 per cent) of new Tory voters say Mr Sunak will go down in their estimation if he does not hand out the cash.

Their poll also shows that (50 per cent) of Tory voters say they would be happy to pay more taxes to fund a pay rise for NHS workers, with just 21 per cent unwilling to do so.

Over three quarters (77 per cent) said the Chancellor should hand all NHS staff a completely new pay rise.

Ellie Gellard, Campaigns Director at 38 Degrees, said Mr Sunak “has left some of our lowest paid frontline NHS heroes out.”

She said: “Nurses and porters who are putting their lives on the line to care for us during a pandemic have been put to the back of the queue.

“When the pandemic hit, they didn’t wait to go above and beyond the call of duty.

“The British public and the government’s own voters agree: it’s time all our NHS heroes got a new pay rise to reward them for their efforts.

“The Chancellor and the Prime Minister clapped for our nurses and other NHS workers, now is the time to act for all of them too.”

Diane Orrell , an NHS Technician who cleans dirty equipment following operations and hasn’t had a pay rise said: “I like my job and I enjoy working for the NHS, but it’s a worrying time for everyone. There’s been so much uncertainty.

“I’ve been very anxious. We’re not on the front line but we still have to wear PPE to do our jobs. “It’s very hot and uncomfortable.

“I’ve not seen my family and my friends. But we’re a small unit here, so we’re a family really.

“We all look after one another.

“We should have a pay rise. The government’s false promises are like being slapped in the face with a wet fish!”

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