Alleged New Samsung Galaxy Fold Images Show Large Emo Notch


Two images purporting to be the new Samsung Galaxy Fold, aka Samsung’s long-awaited flexible smartphone, have leaked on German site MobiFlip.

The first shows the phone in a book-like position, matching what we’ve seen in a leaked advert, with a butterfly wing on each half of the screen:

If it’s real (and we’re a little suspicious), this gives us a better look at the phone than we’ve seen before. We can see a USB-C charging port on the right, a speaker grille on the left, and a clearer look at the hinge in the middle.

The second image is less clear:

But if we jack the brightness up, we can clearly see a cutout on the right containing what appears to be two camera lenses, which would presumably be dual selfie cameras. We’d previously heard that the phone might have a triple rear-facing camera.

We also get another better look at how the hinge works.

If that really is the design of the front-facing camera, it’s likely to be divisive – it’s basically an emo notch but even bigger, and it’s an awkward shape.

That said, if the software extends the notification bar (which would have to be quite thick) across the other part of the screen to complete it, it might look fine when the screen is on.

Increasing the brightness on the first image makes the same cutout just-about-visible on the top right:

We can also see what looks like a metal surround, and the slim-ish bezels around the edges of the screen.

We’ve heard that the phone will initially be exclusive to EE, and might well have a monster battery to power that folding screen. We even know the colours it’ll come in.

A Samsung wireless double-charger has also leaked today on WinFuture, in both black and white:

Yeesh. Leave us something for tonight, guys!

What do you think of the Galaxy Fold images? Do you reckon they’re real? If so, is that a design you’d pay megabucks (and it will be megabucks) for? Let us know in the comments.


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