Alligators ‘Parade’ Across Busy Road To Get Into Waterbody In Viral Video


Video of a group of alligators “causing a traffic jam” has gone viral on social media, leaving people amused.

The two-minute-long video, shared on Facebook by Bill Angell, showed a group of alligators crossing a road in order to get into a waterbody which was on the other side. One by one, the alligators enter the water body. The incident took place at a busy street and several people are seen standing at a safe distance and filming the incident. Several cars are also seen parked at a distance.

The video has since gone viral on social media with people calling at an “alligator traffic jam” and a “gator parade.” Some also said that the people in the video were too close to the alligators.

“Way to close y’all. If you want to see a gator move fast watch this little video. Wow!” a Facebook user wrote.

“I always think of this video when I see people get so close to alligators. Alligators give off the false impression that they move slowly, but boy are they quick!” another user wrote.

“I have seen an alligator track an egret above a sand trap on golf course, and make a lightning fast 5 yard lunge straight up a steep hill to get him. Almost did. Amazing reminder of how quick they really are,” another person commented.

Earlier this week, video of a woman entering an alligator pit with her son went viral on social media. The video showed the boy wandering near the gator while his mother tries to retrieve her wallet floating in the middle of a small pond. After distracting the alligators by throwing rocks at them, the woman manages to get her wallet.

The incident took place at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota. The owner of the popular tourist attraction told local media that there are 35 alligators in the pit. The incident prompted an investigation by the local law enforcement.


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