Amber Heard ‘lay naked and bleeding’ on floor as Johnny Depp ‘urinated’ on furniture and smashed TV, her pal tells court


AMBER Heard was left “naked and bleeding” on the floor as Johnny Depp “urinated on the furniture” during a blazing row in Australia, the actress’ pal has alleged. 

Giving a witness statement to the High Court, Raquel “Rocky” Pennington also said she feared Depp might “accidentally kill” her friend.

The 34-year-old Aquaman star has claimed her ex Depp, 57, subjected her to a “three-day hostage situation” in Australia in March 2015, alleging he was violent towards her. 

Depp has strongly denied allegations of domestic violence against Heard. 

Speaking via video link from Los Angeles, Pennington told the court she had never seen Depp hit Heard. 

But the American mixed martial artist said she had seen deep cuts on Heard’s arms after the actress claimed she was attacked by Depp in Australia.

She said: “She said that they had been fighting because Johnny was not supposed to be drinking, but he was. 

“She said she told him ‘this is what we’ve talked about…this is part of the deal breaker. You’re not supposed to be drinking. I thought you were getting clean’.”

The High Court was told:

Pennington said Amber said Depp was drunk and said something like “here, take the bottle” and threw it.. 

“She said that he was throwing glass bottles at her, and there was broken glass all over the ground which cut her feet,” she said.

“Amber told me that at this point Johnny ripped off her nightgown and she was naked on the ground, all wet with alcohol, and bleeding.”

Pennington said she was told Depp had cut the tip of his finger off. 

“She said that whilst she had gone to get dressed he had dipped his bloody finger in paint and written all over the walls and the lampshades,” she said.

“She said she came down and he was urinating on the furniture and had smashed the television.

“I voiced my concerns to Amber that Johnny might accidentally kill her while he was intoxicated or delusional like he was in Australia.”

She said that they had been fighting because Johnny was not supposed to be drinking, but he was

The court was also given a written statement from another friend of Heard’s friends, iO Tillett Wright, who alleged Depp joked about punching his wife after their wedding in the Bahamas, in February 2015.

He said: “The first thing Johnny said to me after the ceremony, as we walked to the reception, was ‘now I can punch her in the face and no-one can do anything about it’.

“He probably intended it as a joke, but it is only a joke if it’s not real — and by then I knew he was hitting her.”  

Earlier Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, dismissed a video claiming to show injuries following an alleged fight with her sibling — saying it was from a reality TV show that was trying to make a “really bad storyline”.

The footage was presented to the court by Depp’s lawyers who have claimed that it was Heard who was abusive during the relationship.

Henriquez was filmed being questioned by another woman about an “altercation” as they sat by a pool — said: “I can’t believe Amber beat your ass”.

Ms Henriquez had yesterday claimed Johnny Depp almost pushed her down the stairs as he punched the actress multiple times in a rage as part of the High Court trial.

Depp’s lawyer David Sherbourne claimed: “Not only did Amber Heard physically assault her sister, but that the injuries suffered by Whitney are being examined by the women in the video.

“There is no denial that Ms Amber Heard beat up her sister Whitney.”

Mr Sherborne added that Ms Henriquez’s evidence about the incident in March 2015 is “the only occasion on which any other human being is supposed to have witnessed” Depp being violent towards Heard.

But Mr Justice Nicol, Sasha Wass QC, for News Group Newspapers, said: “This is an undated piece of film footage in circumstances which appear to be some sort of reality TV programme, which is flippant, certainly not serious.”

The three week trial has previously been told Depp threw a magnum of champagne at Heard after the birthday celebrations, leaving a note that read “Happy f***ing birthday”.

The actor later told the court he had been delayed after being at a financial meeting where he was told he had lost $650million.

The morning after, cleaners found faeces in the couple’s marital bed with Depp claiming it had been left by Heard.

Depp is accused of turning his “rage and frustration” on Heard when he “failed to control” his drug and alcohol abuse.

But in a series of explosive revelations, Depp has branded Heard’s abuse allegations “complete lies”.

The couple married in LA in 2015 after meeting on the set of The Rum Diary.

But they divorced two years later after Heard, who donated her £5.5million settlement to charity, accused Depp of abuse.

The case continues.

If you are affected by domestic abuse, please call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247


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