Amber Heard’s sister tells of moment Johnny Depp ‘almost pushed her down stairs as he punched actress multiple times’


AMBER Heard’s sister today told a court Johnny Depp almost pushed her down the stairs as he punched the actress multiple times in a rage.

Whitney Henriquez told the High Court how she walked into the “extremely shocking” scene at Depp’s LA penthouse in March 2016.

She revealed how she “felt sick” when she learned Heard was going to marry Depp and “begged” her not to go through with it as it would not stop him “hitting her”.

And she claimed how once when she stepped in between Heard and Depp as they rowed on the stairs, the actor allegedly struck her on the arm to reach his ex-wife.

Whitney said: “I remember being worried that I was near the edge of the top of the stairs. When he got to the top of the stairs, he was pulling me backwards so he could get to Amber.

“I remember being scared because I was worried that I would fall backwards and fall down the stairs.

“Johnny reached out to shove me out of the way to lunge at Amber – reaching out to try hit Amber – and instead struck me, hitting me in the arm.

“Amber suddenly lurched forward and hit him and said, ‘don’t hit my sister’. I didn’t see exactly how Amber hit him but it didn’t seem especially hard; it was just enough for him to lose momentum.

“She was just trying to protect me and I think it probably stopped me from being pushed down the stairs.

“There was a struggle with me stuck in the middle of it, and he really went for Amber.

“Somehow I was pushed out of the way so I wasn’t between them, but I was standing right there next to them when Johnny grabbed her by the hair with one hand and I saw him punch her really hard in the head with his other hand multiple times.”

Heard sensationally claimed in court this week Depp shoved ex-girlfriend Kate Moss down the stairs and feared the actor would do the same to her sister.

She then admitted to the High Court she punched Depp during the “very violent” row on the stairs of their home.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star allegedly screamed “you b*****s” and “you c****” to Heard and her sister.

The actor, 57, is said to have flown into a rage when Heard discovered he was having an affair.

Depp denied shoving and hitting Whitney and said he did “nothing violent” – but added he “possibly tried to protect myself if that’s considered violent”.

He allegedly started smashing up the penthouse in LA after Whitney took her sister away.

Whitney lived two doors down from Depp and Amber on the top floor of the plush Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown Los Angeles.

But she was booted out of the rent-free apartment after she claimed she was wrongly accused of selling photos of her sister and Depp’s wedding.

Whitney told the court today how before that, she was close to Johnny and they called each other “brother and sister”.

The couple also referred to Whitney as their “marriage counsellor”, it was said.

When she returned to Heard’s home in December 2015 after time apart, she claimed she saw “blonde hair and blood” stuck to a splinter on the bed frame.

She added: “I remember imagining what kind of force it would take to do that because it was such a heavy and solid frame.”

Whitney also told the court Depp was “verbally abusive, even when he was sober”.

Her statement said: “He could insult her and say he loved her in the same sentence, with equal amounts of passion. I remember him often saying ‘f**king ugly c***, you fat whore… but god I f**king love you” – and things like this.”

Whitney also claimed the actor held Heard’s Yorkshire terrier, Pistol, out of a moving vehicle as he smoked a cigarette.

She told the High Court how Heard was begging Depp to give the tiny pooch back.

Whitney said: “I don’t remember what was said but he suddenly held Pistol – Amber’s dog – out the window.

“I remember freezing because he was so f***ked up and if Pistol had wriggled, he would have dropped her and that would have been it.

“I remember Amber was crying saying, ‘please baby, please let me have Pistol’.

“Johnny was laughing this awful, evil laugh and was shouting and teasing her about dropping her dog out the window. Amber was pleading with him, and somehow managed to get the dog back.

“Johnny was laughing and joked, ‘maybe we should put her in the microwave’.  It was really dark and messed up.”

Whitney was today snapped with a gift reading “you got this s**t”as she prepared to give evidence against Depp.

Depp is suing The Sun for referring to him as a “wife-beater” in a 2018 article. The Sun, supported by Ms Heard, says the term was justified.

Heard has accused him of 14 violent attacks over three years.

Depp is accused of turning his “rage and frustration” on Heard when he “failed to control” his drug and alcohol abuse.

The High Court heard yesterday:

The actor “descended into physically destructive behaviour” – causing him to refer to his “drunken and violent persona as ‘the monster'”, it was said.

But in a series of explosive revelations, Depp has branded Heard’s abuse allegations “complete lies”.

But he has accused her of “building a dossier” of false allegations as an “insurance policy”.

He has brought separate libel proceedings against Heard in the US.

The couple married in LA in 2015 after meeting on the set of comedy The Rum Diary.

But they divorced two years later after Heard, who donated her £5.5million settlement to charity, accused Depp of abuse.

The case continues.

If you are affected by domestic abuse, please call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247


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