Americans shorted by first coronavirus stimulus check may be getting the $500 payment they’re owed THIS MONTH


AMERICANS whose initial coronavirus stimulus checks were lighter than they were supposed to be may soon see a $500 check to make up for it.

Parents and guardians of children under 17 who should have received at least $500 in addition to the $1,200 allotted to most adults under the CARES Act, may see a check or direct deposit statement this month with the extra cash.

The CARES Act, which blazed through Congress in late March, called for stimulus payments of $1,200 for single adults, $2,400 for married couples filing jointly, and $500 for taxpayers with children under 17.

But many of those larger families counting on much-needed relief ending up being excluded from the $500 payments even if they qualified.

Now Congress is playing catch-up, specifically for those who used the IRS non-filer tool before May 17.

The tool is used by the IRS to help Americans who do not typically file tax returns, often because they receive federal benefits. Parents could now submit information to ensure their children are included in their checks.

And Congress has been making good on the payments–it began sending direct deposits of $500 on Aug. 5 to families and, on August 7, it began sending checks in the mail.

Congress tells families these checks will arrive the same way as their original stimulus check, so direct deposit if you had the original check by direct deposit, and mail if the first stimulus was delivered by the post office.

Those who used the non-filer tool after May 17 should have received stimulus checks already with the $500 children payments included.



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