Angry ‘Karen’ refuses to wear mask in dental surgery because ‘you’re working on my teeth, not my nose’


AN ANGRY “Karen” was spotted refusing to wear a face mask inside of a dental office, because, as she said, “You’re gonna work on my teeth, not my nose.”

It is unclear where or went the incident happened, however, the video was posted to TikTok on Wednesday.

An employee at the dental office tried to explain to the woman she needs a mask to be seated to wait for her appointment.

The employee explained they must take her temperature, as well.

“You can’t take my temperature, that’s against the law,” she shot back. “You’re not an MD.”

In the video, the woman tried to cover her mouth with her hand as a “face covering” — but the employee insisted she must wear a mask.

As several employees explained the office policy, “Karen” claimed she had talked to her attorney before arriving and stated she had the right to sue for harassment.

In general, private businesses have the right to refuse service to customers if they are not complying with their policy, even a face mask-wearing policy.

Several businesses including Costco and Starbucks have experienced “Karens” refusing to wear masks that respond to employees with yelling.

Some states, such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania, have issued mandates making face coverings required in public spaces.


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