Anna Soubry stuns LBC listeners by admitting ‘overlooked’ Nigel Farage should be a Lord


ANNA SOUBRY stunned LBC listeners when she shockingly admitted that Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage had been “overlooked” on the New Year’s Honours list, despite being an Arch Remainer herself.

Former leader of the Independent Group for Change, Anna Soubry stunned LBC listeners when she called for Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to be included in the New Year’s Honours. The list recognises the achievements and service of extraordinary people across the United Kingdom. Despite being an ardent Remainer, Ms Soubry admitted there was a “good argument” for inducting Mr Farage into the House of Lords.

An LBC caller, Martin from Loughborough, argued in favour of the Brexit Party leader being honoured.

He told the former MP: “One man who was overlooked to be a ’Sir’ and knighted was Mr Brexiteer himself, Nigel Farage.”

To the surprise of listeners, Ms Soubry agreed: “I think this is a very good topic that we should discuss, and I’m happy to start off this conversation.

“I wouldn’t have him knighted because I think that’s an honour.”

She continued: “But I think there’s actually a good argument that he should be in the House of Lords because of that job of scrutiny.

“That job of legislation, that job of actually making sure the House of Lords is more representative.

“That’s why there’s a good argument that Nigel Farage, dare I say, should actually be in the House of Lords.

“So that that job can be done and it can better reflect society.”

Ms Soubry was first elected as a Conservative MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire in 2010.

However, she left the party in February to join Change UK.

The politician stated that “the right wing, the hard-line anti-EU awkward squad” had hijacked the Tory party from top to toe.

Ms Soubry eventually became the leader of Change UK in June.

However, she lost her seat to Tory candidate Darren Henry in the December general election.

Following the new party’s failure to win at the December 2019 general election, the ex-MP announced that the Independent Group for Change would be disbanded.

All three of the party’s MPs who sought re-election were defeated.

Ms Soubry stated that while there was “a need for massive change in British politics,” without representation in parliament “a longer-term realignment will have to take place in a different way”.


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