ANOTHER Coronavirus cruise ship docks after being turned away from Japan


Health officials have boarded a cruise ship in Taiwan to test holidaymakers for coronavirus. 

The SuperStar Aquarius had been on a four-day round-trip from Keelung, near Taipei, with more than 1,730 passengers on board.

But it has been forced to turn back after being refused access to Naha, Okinawa, by Japanese authorities over coronavirus concerns.

The ship, which is owned by Hong Kong-based Star Cruises, has been granted special permission to dock despite the government implementing a ban earlier in the week on all international cruises calling at the island.

Taiwan Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said that the SuperStar Aquarius had been allowed to berth as around 90 per cent of the guests on board are from Taiwan.

Among the rest of the guests are 18 Filipino passengers, three Malaysians, three Vietnamese, one South Korean, one Indonesian, one Burmese, one Singaporean and one Chinese, Star Cruises said. 

Both the guests and crew are now being screened for the fever. 

It is thought that more than 40 passengers on the cruise liner have visited China in the past 30 days. 

Mr Shih-chung, who also heads the Central Epidemic Command Centre, boarded the ship along with 25 medical workers to begin the screening process which he estimated would take around six hours. 

He added that if anyone tests positive for coronavirus they will be treated in a local hospital.

The other passengers will be kept on the ship in quarantine to safeguard the health of people in Taiwan.


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