Anthony Davis trade: Lakers deal revealed, Boston Celtics secret plan to swoop in


ANTHONY DAVIS trade talks have accelerated over the past week with both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers among the favourites to get a deal done with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Davis has reportedly indicated to the Pelicans that he has no intention of re-signing this summer, pushing David Griffin to strike a trade at some point this summer.

It has been suggested New Orleans would like a trade done before next week’s NBA draft, and ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports both the Celtics and Lakers have been locked in negotiations over the past few days with the Pelicans.

The Lakers are keen to bring in another superstar to play alongside LeBron James, and while free agency remains an option, Davis is seemingly their top target.

And they have already presented a package deal including their No 4 pick in the NBA Draft, but are not keen on including Kyle Kuzma.

“Los Angeles has put in their offer Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, the fourth pick in next Thursday’s NBA Draft,” he said on ESPN.

“Those are the players involved in the discussions so far.

“We’re told Kyle Kuzma is not a part of it.

“What New Orleans would like in the conversations they’ve had are taking that No 4 pick and canvasing teams around the league to see if they can flip No 4 into a young star or veteran star around the league who would be sent to New Orleans and that third team would take the No 4 pick.”

But Wojnarowski points to Griffin’s past working relationship with Ainge as to why Boston may still favour their chances.

“Boston all along has been determined to still use the assets they have to get Anthony Davis,” he added.

“It’s very complicated by the fact Kyrie Irving has seriously considered leaving Boston in free agency.

“They had hoped getting AD and having Kyrie would convince both of them to sign long-term.

“But Boston so far have been undeterred. They’ve heard this since the fall.

“Anthony Davis Sr. said that earlier this year and Rich Paul has privately told the Celtics that but Danny ainge so far has stayed in these conversations and has been engaged with David Griffin.

“Remember David Griffin came up in the Phoenix Suns organisation underneath Danny Ainge. He’s probably as close to him as any GM in the league.”

He added: “If Boston is willing to do Jayson Tatum and maybe not a lot else or perhaps a deal built around Jaylen Brown and then a bevvy of those future Boston picks.

“But the one thing with New Orleans, if Tatum did get into an offer, he’s the best available player for the Pelicans probably in any deal they might talk about.”


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