Anti-vaxxer WAG posts a picture of herself breastfeeding to hit back at critics of a single mother


An anti-vaxxer footy WAG has posted a picture of herself breastfeeding one of her children in support of a single mother who was shamed on social media. 

Controversial blogger Taylor Winterstein has come out in support of Sarah Mills, who was ridiculed online for posting a photo of herself breastfeeding her son Morrison on the floor of a Target store.

The Tay’s Way teacher posted a picture breastfeeding her son Ziggy in a public setting and claimed she ‘will not cover up’ to feed her children.

‘Posting this again in solidarity with my sister (Ms Mills) who is being ridiculed in the media and bullied online for breastfeeding a child, over 12 months, in public… cause how dare mothers nourish babies whenever and wherever they choose,’ she posted.

‘Newsflash, no we will not ‘cover up’ or sit in a public toilet to feed our children just to please and soothe your ignorant, closed mind.

‘Shout out to the men who actually know how to hold a safe space for us, support us and advocate for women to breastfeed children freely in public.’

Ms Winterstein is the wife of Penrith Panthers star Frank Winterstein, and is a non-qualified anti-vax campaigner who says her ‘street cred’ is her strongest qualification.

The mother-of-two regularly promotes her anti-vaccination campaign on her social media channels, and runs wellness workshops with her identical twin sister Stevie.

Ms Winterstein’s views are not backed by science and she has been criticised by experts. 

Doctors agree that there is no benefit to not vaccinating children and say the anti-vaxxer movement has led to more children falling ill.

Ms Winterstein was forced to cancel overseas anti-vaccination seminars last year amid backlash her teachings could ‘wipe out the population of Samoa’.

Ms Mills uploaded her breastfeeding post last week, where she had suffered an anxiety attack in the Target store, and sat down to calm herself, before her son asked for some milk.

‘I am too deep into single parenting to give a shit about what others might think and only do what’s “socially acceptable”,’ Ms Mills posted.

‘Morrison came to sit with me asking for a drink, relieved he’d be sitting still for a minute I happily obliged.

‘I had a woman look at me in disgust, I don’t know if it’s because I was on the ground with no f***s to give, because I was breastfeeding in public, or because I was feeding a giant toddler – but in that moment nothing could bother me.’

The 33-year-old received a wealth of backlash online, with many commentators believing her three-year-old was too old to be breastfed.

The mother-of-three was called a ‘paedophile’ with ‘special needs’ and a ‘filthy lazy mutt.’

Ms Mills hit back at her nasty critics with another Instagram post on Friday morning.

‘What should’ve been an uplifting post (and actually was for so many) promptly turned into a public argument on 1. Breastfeeding in public. 2. Breastfeeding toddlers,’ she posted.

‘I have been labelled a pedophile, whore, child abuser and the list goes on. Society telling me he’s too old or I should feed in private. I had no idea public opinion on this was so nasty.’

Ms Mills has launched a call to arms for mothers to hold a mass public breast feed after Triple M radio host Lawrence Mooney claimed that a child who can ask for milk should not be breastfed.

She started a Facebook event called the Triple M nurse in, and intends to fly to Sydney to hold a public demonstration outside Triple M’s office. 


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