Appeal of June 18 : Emmanuel Macron, London on the steps of the general de Gaulle


The date is engraved in the history of France. This Thursday, June 18, 80th anniversary of the famous call, offer to Emmanuel Macron a new opportunity to walk in the footsteps of general de Gaulle, in which the year 2020 is dedicated. A day full of images or almost (only one speech is programmed). And far from breaking news that, between the debates about police violence, discrimination, and the scenes of violence in Dijon (Côte-d’or), puts them in difficulty in the domain regal.

The president is fond of this type of exercise allows him to work on his posture presidential and anchor in the history of the country. “It’s a little bit from what all presidents,” says historian Jean Garrigues, who calls this ” the incarnation by delegation “. “To embody the national unity, in the French society of today, it is a challenge. It is necessary to look for references, guides, models, analysis the chairman of the Committee of parliamentary history and politics. The great figures, as a ” reservoir of legitimacy “…

This Thursday, 80 years after the Appeal of June 18 1940, the second part of the “year de Gaulle” will lead the head of State of the Museum of the Order of the Liberation, at the Invalides in Paris and at Mont Valerian, in Hauts-de-Seine. Highlight of the anniversary celebrations, the president will fly then to England, in order to decorate the city of London, ” capital of the free France “. Appointment is made on this occasion with two guests, the Prince Charles, eldest son of queen Elizabeth II of England, and probable future king, and his wife, Camilla, duchess of Cornwall.

“We do not rewrite History”

And then the policy will take back its rights when the French president, will cross the threshold of 10 Downing Street for an exchange expected with the british Prime minister, Boris Johnson. It will be question, according to the Elysée, ” the Brexit, the bilateral relations, topical issues on the management of the crisis of the Covid-19 “. As many of the sensitive issues that will not − rare −at a joint press conference in order not to ” mix messages “.

Images, and a symbol, therefore, to recall the existence of a “strong link” in spite of the heavy political differences and the damage caused by the exit of the Uk from the european Union. “We have plenty of reasons to want English at this time, but it does not erase the role played during the war. We don’t rewrite History, ” judge a member of the government, as an echo to the statues and controversial that the head of State refuses to debunk. Emmanuel Macron said during the Council of ministers, he intends to “show the gratitude to a country that has welcomed general de Gaulle,” reports a participant.

Marine Le Pen, continues a distance duel

A president caught up in the policy, yet, when Marine Le Pen is invited to the table of remembrances, finally, a day early, to the Ile-de-Sein. “She is not shy, it is swollen…” plague as a minister. The president of the national Rally, which continues to play the game remote after his move to Dijon Tuesday, 17 June, aims to recover a share of the inheritance. Proof of that is his recent output in the Parisien – today in France against Macron, according to her, ” anti-de Gaulle the absolute.”

“His father has honored up to a recent date the memory of colonel Bastien-Thiry, who had tried to assassinate general de Gaulle at Petit-Clamart (Editor’s NOTE : in 1962). Therefore, this conversion is still extremely deserving of the hand of Marine Le Pen “, weeder in return for a advisor in elysian, stressing that the president has, on the contrary, ” always referred to the figure of the General.”

A reference and gestures to reach the opinion ? “The chronological distance, the lack of knowledge of what happened at the time, the propagation and therefore the trivialization of the celebrations, help to mitigate the impact,” admits John Garrigues.


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