Apple a day slashes risk of diabetes by a quarter, scientists discover


AN apple a day can slash diabetes risk by a quarter, research reveals.

Scientists followed 23,000 adults across eight European countries including the UK.

They found type 2 diabetes risk fell by 25 per cent for every 66g of fruit and veg a person ate each day.

The NHS recommends five 80g portions daily — an apple, banana, two spears of broccoli or seven cherry tomatoes.

Those people who ate the most fruit and veg slashed their risk by half compared to abstainers, said the British ­Medical Journal study.

Experts assessed intake by examining blood ­levels for vitamin C and carotenoids — which give plants their colour.

Cambridge University’s Nita Forouhi said: “People think public health messaging goals are unachievable.

“But just one extra portion of fruit or veg — about an apple — can reduce risk. Plant foods are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre which all affect diabetes and cancer.”

A US study found adults who ate most wholegrains had a 29 per cent lower chance of type 2.

Diabetes UK said the studies prove that small increases help lower risk.

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