Apple Reportedly Working On ARM-Based Gaming Console With Apple Silicon


Apart from the highly-awaited launched and arrival of the iPhone 12 series this year, a new leak claims that Apple is working on its own gaming console. The Cupertino company recently announced that it is transitioning its future products from Intel to A-series chips. And based on the latest information from a tipster, it looks like the company got inspiration from its 2020 Apple TV powered by A12 Bionic chip in its aim to enter into the gaming console market.

The latest information about the ARM-based Apple gaming console comes from tipster MauriQHD. The industry insider shared the details on his official Twitter account. In his tweet, he claimed that Apple is working on a gaming console just in time after the company announced its plans to use its proprietary silicon.

According to Wccftech, it is likely that the company would see if it should continue working on its ARM-based gaming console after working on the Apple TV 6. The new Apple TV is equipped with an A12 Bionic chip with a dedicated cooling solution. The site claims that the company could use the same design when testing the Apple gaming console.

Earlier, several sites reported that Apple is working on a specialized gaming controller for the Apple TV. The site also speculates that Apple could be working on a gaming controller to convince its users to be interested in the Apple Arcade. According to the site, it is also possible that it could be the company’s stepping stones for a soon-to-be Apple gaming console.


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— Mauri QHD (@MauriQHD) July 11, 2020

At present, the gaming console market is dominated by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. For several years, several rumors claimed that Apple is interested in entering into the video gaming industry. This was further triggered when the company launched Apple Arcade.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has not yet confirmed if it is indeed working on an ARM-based gaming console. The company mentioned that the first product to feature Apple Silicon is the 13-inch MacBook Pro, followed by MacBook Air, and other Mac products. In the absence of official confirmation, it is smarter to take this latest leak about the ARM-based Apple gaming console with a good measure of salt.


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