Apple Watch Tip: How To Easily Find Lost, Misplaced Smartwatch


The Apple Watch is a very helpful timepiece and electronic health device. It helps users monitor their health conditions, receive alerts if anyone’s calling or sending a message and get the medical help that they need in the event of an emergency.

But no matter how helpful the Apple Watch is, it’s a small device that can be lost or misplaced when the user forgets it. Thankfully, there’s a way to locate a missing Apple Watch.

Those who have lost their expensive Apple Watch might be able to find it, or at least get others to help them find it, using the Find My app. This feature will work to tell users the approximate location of the device, provided that the feature has been set up. Here’s how:

Now that that’s set up, users will be able to use Find My to locate their Apple Watches when these go missing. Of course, this is no guarantee that they’ll be able to find the device every time it gets misplaced as users might leave it somewhere others can take it, but at least it gives them a chance to look for their device.

Here’s how to use Find My to look for lost Apple Watches:

This will cause the app to display a map that indicates the Apple Watch’s approximate location. It won’t be able to give a precise location, but it will help users know where to look.

Users who are near the device can tap on Play Sound to make the Apple Watch emit a “piercing” sound, Apple Insider noted. This will help users find their missing Apple wearable.


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