Apple’s Translate App In iOS 14 Supports These Languages


Apple has added a new Translate app to iOS 14. This apps lets users translate words and sentences from one language to another.

This new app will be very helpful for iPhone users who are trying to learn a new language or are in another location where the people speak a foreign tongue. This may also provide assistance to those who simply need to talk to a person who speaks a different language.

The new Translate app is able to translate to and from 11 different languages, which include the following:

Users will be able to input words and sentences from any of those languages and get the app to translate it to another language in the list.

The app also allows users to do the following:

Text translations

The app is able to translate text so that users can copy and paste them wherever needed. All users need to do is to type the words, phrases or sentences they want translated, choose the language, then let the app translate it.

Voice translations

The app also translates spoken words and sentences. All users need to do is tap on the microphone in the Translate app, then speak the words, phrases or sentences out loud to let the app hear it. The app will translate it then respond using audio. A written translation will be displayed as well, with the option to replay the audio.

Translate conversations

The app has a Conversation mode that lets users chat with someone who speaks in a foreign language. This feature will make conversing with a foreigner easier and more natural. To use this feature, all users need to do is to turn the iPhone into landscape mode while inside the Translate app.

On-Device Translations

The Translate app does not translate words on the device by default. Users will need to download language packs so that the app can do translations without having to communicate with a server.

By downloading language packs, users will be able to translate to and from another language right there on the device. There’s no need to worry about Apple getting access to every translation request, MacRumors noted.


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