Are these the worst parking fails in Australia?


Stretched over two spaces, sitting in no-parking zones, and perched dangerously in the middle of the road, these photos show some of Australia’s worst parking attempts. 

A social media account created in Adelaide has posted a series of images showcasing some of the biggest parking disasters seen in the city over the course of a week.

The photos, taken from all over the city and submitted by fans of the social media account, show a number of cars parked on the grassy sidewalk, straddling two spaces, or generally sitting where they shouldn’t be.

One motorist parked so close to their neighbour it would have been near impossible for the driver to exit through driver’s side, or reverse without smashing a mirror.

Another vehicle with an L plate has been left in a perpendicular position after the driver accelerated over the edge of a parking space and plummeted down on to the level below, smashing the bumper and hitting another car.

Followers of the social media account have had mixed reactions. Some have openly laughed, some have pointed out the majority perpetrators seem to drive luxury cars, and others have expressed confusion.

‘Not sure what’s worse than the merc, if it’s the parking or the driver of the thing!’ said one user. ‘Are people that dense when they want to ‘park’? It’s really not that difficult!’

‘You’d think the Benz and the Clubbie owners would get their Eshay’s to mind their trucks. Or were they all shopping for new bum bags…’ said another. 

Adelaide drivers may be in the spotlight this week, but New South Wales motorists were officially labelled the worst at parking in the country according to a incident reporting app. 

South Australian driver’s weren’t even among the top three worst states and territories for bad parking, according to the app data.


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