As a cop, I’ve apprehended hundreds of murderers, but there’s one who keeps me awake at night because I know she’d kill again.


As a cop, I’ve apprehended hundreds of murderers, but there’s one who keeps me awake at night because I know she’d kill again.

EX-MET Detective Inspector who investigated hundreds of murders in the capital has revealed the most terrifying assailant he encountered.

Former Detective Inspector Steve Keogh worked for the Metropolitan Police for over a decade, investigating some of London’s most high-profile murder cases.

He also served in SO13, the military’s anti-terrorist unit, where he encountered some of the country’s most heinous terrorists.

Steve, 50, left his position last year, just a week before releasing a book about the hundreds of cases he had investigated over the years.

Murder Investigation Team: How Scotland Yard Really Catches a Killer, his book, is a forensic look at how police officers solve their most serious crimes.

Since 2009, the detective has interviewed some of the UK’s most heinous murderers, but he has revealed that a female double murderer has scared him the most.

In a random violent attack in Bexleyheath in October 2011, Nicola Edgington brutally attacked Sally Hodkin, 58, with a butcher’s knife in the street, nearly beheading her.

Six years earlier, she had murdered her own mother and was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to indefinite detention under the Mental Health Act.

DI Keogh was never able to question the killer because she was deemed unfit for questioning – but his brief encounters with her have lingered in his mind for almost a decade.

“She is without a doubt, not including terrorists, the one I have no doubt in saying if she is released she will kill again,” he told The Sun.

“I have no doubt that if she had been released, she would have done it again.”

“To be honest, she scares me. I’ve never felt unsafe arresting or confronting someone, but she’s terrifying.”

Edgington had been pleading to be transferred to a different hospital on the day of the murder, and he had managed to flee unnoticed until the violent attack.

She initially attempted to attack Kerry Clark, 22, with a knife at a bus stop, but was repelled and the weapon was dropped.

She stabbed Mrs Hodkin with such force that she nearly decapitated her minutes later, after buying another knife from an Asda.

Initially, psychologists thought Edgington had schizophrenia, but a police doctor diagnosed her with a personality disorder, which means she could face murder charges.

“She showed high levels of narcissism when she was assessed,” Steve added.

She exaggerated her own significance and lacked empathy.

“According to the psychologist, she killed because she was enraged, narcissistic,…

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