As European countries implement lockdowns, there are some places you can travel this Christmas.


As European countries implement lockdowns, there are some places you can travel this Christmas.

As more countries implement lockdowns and restrictions to combat a coronavirus outbreak, travel plans could be thrown into disarray.

Due to the fact that Europe has once again become the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, anyone planning a Christmas vacation to the continent will need to check which restrictions each country has imposed.

Tourists visiting some of Europe’s top vacation spots must meet the following Covid entry requirements:

Following an increase in the number of people infected with the virus, the Portuguese government is considering imposing new restrictions.

On Thursday, the 14-day infection rate was 194.8 cases per 100,000, almost double that of Spain, but still far below Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Travelers from the United Kingdom must present a Covid-19 certificate or a recent negative coronavirus test.

Outside or in situations where social distancing is impossible, wearing a mask is recommended.

Anyone visiting Spain will be required to present a Covid-19 passport as well as a negative coronavirus test.

It was not expected to change in the run-up to Christmas, according to tourism ministry sources.

Coronavirus cases in Spain have doubled in the last three weeks, with the 14-day contagion rate reaching 104.9 cases per 100,000 on Thursday.

In order to prevent a sixth wave of the virus, some regional health authorities, such as those in northern Spain’s Basque Country, have made Covid-19 passports mandatory for entry into bars and restaurants, while hospitals in Galicia will require one.

Because of the success of the country’s health pass, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that there would be no need to follow other European countries that imposed Covid-19 lockdowns on unvaccinated people.

“Countries that are detaining non-vaccinated people are those that have not implemented the (health) pass.”

As a result, this step is not required in France,” Mr Macron told the newspaper La Voix du Nord on Thursday.

The United Kingdom is on France’s amber list, which means that anyone who has not been fully vaccinated must fill out an international travel certificate to confirm an essential reason for travel, or a sworn statement stating that they are not suffering from Covid-19 symptoms and have not come into contact with anyone who has.

Anyone over the age of 12 must take a PCR test within 24 hours of arriving.

There are no self-administered tests allowed.

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As European countries implement lockdowns, where can you go this Christmas?

Where you can travel this Christmas as European countries bring in lockdowns

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