As school says she was “one in a million,” students taught by canal murder victim Ashling Murphy write heartbreaking cards.


As school says she was “one in a million,” students taught by canal murder victim Ashling Murphy write heartfelt cards.

Pupils at Durrow National School, where Ashling Murphy was murdered, are mourning the “one in a million” teacher.

James Hogan, the principal of Durrow National School, described the 23-year-old’s death as “heartbreaking,” as students wrote thoughtful cards in his honor.

In a heartbreaking display at the primary school in Tullamore, students drew colorful cards that said “RIP Ms Murphy” and “We love you.”

At around 4 p.m. yesterday, Murphy was assaulted near a canal in Cappincur, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Principal Hogan stated that the students are cooperating and expressing their sadness.

“We are just being overwhelmed by what the kids are coming out with as the days go on,” he told RTE Radio 1’s News at One.

“We weren’t sure how we were going to approach this when we started the day, but as the day progressed, the kids were incredible.”

It’s amazing.

They are collaborating.

“Through talk and conversation, as well as expressing sadness.”

But, on the other hand, acknowledging who Ms Murphy was and what she brought to our school was also important.

“We’re just going to take it day by day.”

The principal praised Ashling and said that as a teacher, she had a positive relationship with both students and parents.

He called her death “heartbreaking” and described her as “one in a million.”

“She was with us for a short time and she just fit in so well,” Principal Hogan said.

That tells you a lot about her personality.

Her bubbliness, smile, and talent allowed her to reach out to any child in our community and establish a strong rapport with them while also networking with their parents.”

People from other countries who knew her because of her trad music have called the school to express their condolences, he said.

“She was one in a million and had so much going for her, and to think it’s all been taken away from her, unintentionally,” he continued.

It’s completely heartbreaking.”

The school, according to Principal Hogan, is “so grateful” for the community’s support.

“We are thinking of you Ashling,” he said in Gaeilge.

You’ve got a bed in the midst of all the angels and saints now.

“We remember her and ask people to keep her and her family in their prayers at this very, very sad time,” he added.

Principal Hogan told reporters outside the school today that Ashling “inspired and motivated” her students.

“She had a great rapport with the kids, whether it was teaching them music or teaching them about education, she just inspired and motivated them to be who they are,” he said.

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