At a European airport, there’s an unusual method for preventing plane crashes.


At a European airport, a strange method for preventing plane crashes has been devised.

AN AIRPORT IN EUROPE has used pigs to prevent plane crashes.

As part of a new project, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, one of Europe’s busiest airports, has welcomed 19 pigs.

The pigs have been moved to a 5-acre muddy plot of land located between two runways.

According to the Guardian, this is because they deter birds such as geese, which can cause plane bird strikes.

They not only eat the birds’ favorite foods, but they also chase them away.

The Miracle on the Hudson, when a US Airways flight landed safely on the Hudson River in New York after a bird strike destroyed its engines shortly after take-off, is one of the most well-known bird strike incidents.

After a suspected bird strike two years ago, a KLM flight was forced to return to Schiphol.

Only a few weeks ago, a Ryanair flight bound for Lanzarote was forced to return due to reports that it had collided with a bird.

According to the airport, the new measure was implemented as a six-week trial due to the abundance of birds in the area, with other measures such as laser beams already in place to keep them from flying too close to the plane.

“There are 10 times as many geese in the Netherlands now as there were in 1970 – the goose is huge in the Netherlands,” pig farmer Stan Gloudemans warned.

“Geese are dangerous, but they are animals, and you must handle them properly.”

The pig is a two-pronged adversary: he tries to catch the geese and eats their food.

“This is a two-pronged assault.”

If the experiment is a success, the pigs could be expanded to other farmlands near the airport, covering a total of 2,000 hectares.

Willemeike Koster, a spokeswoman for the airport, said that the program might be extended.

“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is situated in a polder landscape, with plenty of water, grassy meadows, and fertile farmland,” they explained.

“All of these factors combine to make Schiphol a popular bird roosting destination.”

Birds, on the other hand, pose a threat to planes.

“Our initial impression is that there were only a few geese in the [pigs’] area.

The pigs did their job by eating the crop residues, which are no longer present.

“In the coming months, all data collected from the bird radar and visual observations, among other things, will be analyzed.”

Just don’t try to bring a pig on a plane with you; a woman was kicked off a flight after her rowdy emotional support pig caused havoc on the plane.


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The pigs have been placed between two runways to deter birds nearbyAmsterdam Airport is employing pigs to stop plane crashes

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