Australian man stopped speeding at 76mph reveals he was trying to fight off deadly snake in his lap with a knife


A MAN who was stopped speeding at 76mph revealed that he was trying to fight off a deadly snake in his lap with a knife, according to reports.

Jimmy, 27, was cruising on a motorway when he spotted a reptile slithering towards his leg on June 15 in Queensland, Australia. The snake in his cab was an eastern brown snake.

They are known to be highly venomous and are said to be responsible for the majority of snakebite deaths in Australia.

Their venom can cause progressive paralysis and stops the blood from clotting. Victims are at risk of collapsing within minutes, according to Australian Geographic.

“I was just driving at 100kmh (62mph), and I just started to brake”, the driver said.

“The more I moved my legs, it just started to wrap around me. Its head just started striking at the [driver’s seat] chair, between my legs.”

Fearing that he’d already been bitten, Jimmy believed he had no other option but to kill the snake and take it with him to hospital, according to a police press release.

The driver was clocked speeding at 76mph and a roadside police officer quickly intercepting him.

Jimmy told the police officer what had happened and at one point asked him to “feel his heart”.

The officer quickly realised that Jimmy needed medical help and paramedics quickly attended the scene.

Thankfully, Jimmy had not been bitten by the snake but he was suffering from shock.

“It was pretty terrifying. I’ve never been so happy to see red and blue lights,” he said.

The eastern brown snake is highly venomous and said to be one of the most deadliest in the world.

“Brown snakes have unusually fast-acting venom and can kill within 15 minutes,” said Associate Professor Bryan Fry, snake expert at the University of Queensland.

Queensland Police confirmed that this was a “unique situation” and it’s illegal to injure or capture brown snakes.



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