Australian mother who sends her daughter to preschool is shocked after discovering gruelling routine


A mother who sends her four-year-old daughter to a $125-a-day preschool has been left shocked after discovering her gruelling daily schedule.

The Australian mother-of-two had dropped her daughter off at school when she decided to ask her teacher how she was performing in class, only to be told ‘she has no concentration in all subjects’.

Confused at the teacher’s response, the mother found the ‘preschool routines’ where she noticed an intense timetable listing the strict requirements her daughter had to follow between 7am to 6.30pm.

Her daily subjects included history, maths and engineering, creative arts, science and technology and PDHPE from 9am to 12.40pm.

Is this ‘preschool routine’ too much for a four-year-old?

Is this ‘preschool routine’ too much for a four-year-old?

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After her ‘progressive lunch’, the students head into a meditation between 1.30pm to 2pm before they learn about ‘news, letters and booklet’ from 2.05pm to 3.45pm.

Some daycare centres offer ‘progressive’ mealtimes, where there are no strict eating schedules and children have food when they’re hungry. 

The kids get a ‘free discussion time between 3.45pm to 4pm, a ‘progressive afternoon tea’ from 4pm to 4.30pm, and ‘after school care’ until 6.30pm.

‘Is this what preschoolers are meant to be learning in a long day centre every day in their class? Or is it just me thinking this is really ridiculous,’ the mother said in a Facebook group.

‘Yesterday as I was dropping off my four year old, I asked the new hired head teacher with primary education degree how my daughter is going. She kept shaking her head, and said: “She’s not doing well at all”.

‘And I said “oh really? In what ways and in which subjects?” And the teacher replied: “In all subjects. She has no concentration in all subjects”.’ 

The mother said she was ‘shocked’ to hear the feedback, especially ‘from a long day care and preschool where I pay $125 a day’.

But everything made sense once she saw her daughter’s ‘routine’.

‘I looked at her schedule and no wonder why my four-year-old has no concentration,’ the mother said. 

Other parents were shocked to see the extensive schedule, with many comparing the timetable to high school where students are aged between 12 to 18.

Many said children under the age of five should be focusing on ‘play-based learning’.

‘It’s preschool, let them play,’ one mother said.

Another said: ‘This is a bulls*** routine. When do they get to be kids?’ 

One said: ‘The teacher has forgotten where she is teaching. This looks like my high school kids’ timetable.’

And another said: ‘A four-year-old has limited concentration anyway, that’s a harsh routine. I’m all for kids going to school at four to five, but they should be learning to socialise, interact, learn through play and enjoy their early school years. This looks ridiculous to me.’

Other parents who work in preschools described the routine as a ‘joke’.

‘I am an early childhood teacher and I have no words. Play play play play. Children need play… I would seriously consider providing this feedback to the director, and changing centres. Please,’ one said.

Another preschool teacher who works at a daycare centre said their daily routine looks like ‘nothing like that’ as they only focus on ‘basic learning’.

‘Poor kids must be so confused and exhausted,’ she said.


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