Australians can be fined for leaving their car window open a few centimetres and walking away


A little known road rule could see motorists fined hundreds of dollars if they are caught walking away from their car and leaving the window open.

Many motorists are unaware that leaving a car window open just a few centimetres is against the law in most Australian states.

According to NSW road rules, motorists can be fined $114 if they are more than three metres away from their car with the windows down 2cm or the vehicle is unlocked.

For drivers in Queensland, unattended cars with the windows down 5cm or more can result in a $40 fine.

In Victoria, drivers who leave their windows down more than 5cm will be hit with a $117 fine. 

Motorists in Tasmania will have to cough up $70 if caught with their windows down.

In November a mother was outraged when she was hit with a $114 fine for leaving her car windows down in Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner-west on a 28C day.

She had parked in the street for just under an hour and left a gap of just a few centimetres between the window and the door frame.

But it was enough for rangers to fine her $114.

‘There are rules and then there is common sense, this is absolutely ridiculous,’ Emily, who only wanted to give her first name, told 7 News.

‘The police are the Grinch that stole Christmas,’ she said.

She said that nobody knew about the ‘absurd’ offence that it was a ‘crazy revenue spinning law’.

‘This is my car, can I be fined for leaving my house window locked open? Where does this stop?’ she said.


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