‘Bachelorette’ Season 16 Cast Update: These Guys Won’t Make The Cut


Just like that, these “Bachelorette” contestants’ 15 minutes of fame is over before it even really started. 

After a few months-long delay, Clare Crawley’s turn as the lead on Season 16 of the ABC series is finally making headway with its first rose ceremony in the books. While the rose ceremony is a customary part of the “Bachelorette” journey, not much else about the 39-year-old’s season is shaping up to be that way as many of the men who were cut have already begun returning to social media and speaking out about their experience. 

Out of the 42 men who were announced, apparently only 32 remain according to one of the rejected contestants — 36-year-old Tien Yang. 

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After sharing a photo of himself with friends on Instagram, one user expressed that they were disappointed to learn he did not last because they were hoping for Asian representation. 

“Agreed, I’m rooting for Joe! I guess 1 of 32 slots is progress lol,” Yang replied, while simultaneously confirming the number of men who would be offered the chance to meet Clare and alluding that Joe is the only remaining contestant of Asian descent.  

Collins Youngblood, Josh Elledge, and Alex Brusiloff all openly announced that they didn’t make the starting lineup for “The Bachelorette” when they returned to their social media platforms. 

A post shared by Clare Crawley (@clarecrawley) on Jun 12, 2019 at 6:07pm PDT

As noted by E! News a public online profile is a great indicator that the individual is no longer filming the series, since most of them are private beforehand. So, by their account, the following contestants have done just that: Tyler Smith, Peter Giannikopoulos, AJ, Dale Moss, Chasen Nick, Brendan Morais, Zachary Jackson, Montel Hill, and Robby Stahl. Ellis Matthews’ profile is still private but E! reports there has been recent activity on it. 

That means that 14 of the 42 men who were originally announced have likely already gotten the ax, either by producers or by “The Bachelorette” herself, leaving 28 hopefuls to continue on the journey to find love. 

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The seemingly obvious admissions of who has already left are odd for the series, which normally likes to keep everything under wraps. However, it’s not the only thing different about the upcoming season. 

First, the season is delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Then, the show was forced to pivot, and instead of Clare and the men vying her heart traveling around the world as they learn more about each other, they are seemingly going to be sequestered to one location for the duration of filming. In any case, Clare’s season is sure to be unforgettable.  

A premiere date for Season 16 of The Bachelorette” has not yet been announced.  


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