Banco de Venezuela made delivery of debit cards to pensioners


In order to cope with the banking needs of older adults and to promote their safety against the contingency by covid-19, the Bank of Venezuela has developed a plan of care that included the delivery of debit cards to the people of the third age, through the deployment of a team of work at different points in the city of Caracas.

“Today we had the initiative to deliver the debit cards and we moved to the residence of our users, with the commitment to maintain the provision of the financial service to prevent our elderly are exposed in places of great agglomeration”, declared the president of the Institution, José Javier Morales.

According to the press bulletin of the institution, pensioners of the BDV who do not have debit card were contacted by the team of MiComunaBDV digital to get the financial instrument up to the comfort of your home.

“I was recently at an agency and told me that I should apply for the card through the Bank’s page and today they told me that they would come to my house. When you answer the call of the worker doubted that was true and now I’m very happy,” said Laura Villegas, pensionada BDV.

The tour was conducted to the sectors of: Catia, zoologico citta, San Jose, El Valle, El Cafetal, Prados del Este and Bello Monte, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to older adults, clients of our Institution.

In this way, the BDV implemented a new scheme of work that follows the compliance of the strategic lines of the president Worker Nicolas Maduro and provides vulnerable groups access to the financial products of the Bank.

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