Bayern Munich’s David Alaba’s Group Responds To Uli Hoeness’ ‘Greedy Piranha’ Comments


The contract negotiations of Bayern Munich have resulted in a back and forth exchange from former club president Uli Hoeness and George Alaba’s team. This comes at a response of Hoeness criticizing Alaba’s manager Pini Zahavi.

It was Hoeness calling Zahavi greedy that irked a response from Alaba’s father George.

“He has a greedy piranha for an agent,” Hoeness said by way of Goal.

The discussions regarding Alaba’s contract haven’t been finalized yet as his estimated request for the extension is set at around 25 million Euros per year.

“He lets himself be influenced by him very much. This is really all about the money. He is already at the best club in the world. Where else would he go? We had a coffee several times over the past weeks, but because of Zahavi, there has not been a result yet,” Hoeness shared.

This resulted in Alaba and Zahavi to fire back at these harsh comments.

“I brought David Alaba to Bayern as a teenager. Over the years, I’ve had several opportunities to transfer David to another club, but we were loyal and always chose to stay. I didn’t expect FC Bayern to be spreading dirty lies in public about salary and commission claims,” the older Alaba shared as picked up by Goal.

Throughout Alaba’s career, he’s appeared in 386 appearances for Bayern Munich and has netted 31 goals and tallied 48 assists.

“Claiming that we can’t come to an agreement over a new contract due to such payments is one of those filthy allegations. All because we didn’t accept the figures they have presented to us. We have our own ideas,” Alaba continued.

There were also allegations that Zahavi was asking for unrealistic sums of a commission payment.

“At no point did I talk in detail about a possible commission payment with the people in charge at Bayern,” Zahavi said.

It will be interesting to see where these negotiations will end up for Alaba and Bayern Munich’s future.


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