BBC Question Time LIVE: Fiona Bruce hosts Stephen Kinnock and Mark Reckless for debate


BBC QUESTION TIME returns tonight from Brecon, in a debate that will include former Ukip MP and the Brexit Party’s leader in the National Assembly of Wales, Mark Reckless.

Joining Mr Reckless on the panel tonight are Labour MP Stephen Kinnock and Conservative MP Theresa Villiers. 

Also on the panel will be Plaid Cymru leader, Adam Price and comedian Francesca Martinez. 

The panel are likely to discuss Brexit and in particular, its ramifications on Wales and the attempt by Remain supporting MPs to block a no deal Brexit. 

Moreover, the panel will likely discuss the Tory leadership race following the official launches of all 10 candidates this week. 

Next week’s programme will take place in Tottenham.

Ms Villiers believes the BBC was “unwise” to broadcast those comments. 

Mr Price asks for more civilised debate. 

He says: “There’s a double standard here from left-wing comedians.”

His comment is met with applause.

She highlights Jo Brand’s recent joke. 

Ms Martinez references Nigel Farage’s previous comments concerning Theresa May.

Ms Villiers asks how much electrified railway the previous Labour Government brought to Wales. 

She also insists that we must move to “electric cars”.

One audience member wonders why the Government didn’t commit more money to the problem.

One woman insists that the EU provided more funding to Wales than Mr Reckless will admit.

An audience member asks about the M4 relief road in Wales. 

The audience member insists that the politicians “haven’t experienced” the real world. 

Mr Reckless criticises the BBC’s Brexit bias last week. 

Host, Fiona Bruce interjects to challenge Mr Reckless. 

The Labour MP, however, also labels the BBC as “iconic” and “quintessentially British”. 

Tory MP, Theresa Villiers also criticises the BBC. 

One man says: “The BBC should be ashamed of themselves.”

Mr Kinnock also blames the BBC for the decision. 

A woman asks: “Should over-75s be entitled to a free TV licence?”

Adam Price is the first to respond. 

Mr Price savages the BBC for the recent decision. 

She admits that she does not know.

After admitting that she herself had used drugs but is reluctant to the legalisation of cannabis. 

Mr Kinnock now admits to taking drugs in yet another bombshell confession. 

He argues: “The war on drugs is lost and has been so for some time.”

The Labour MP references Portugal’s drug laws which have changed the drug epidemic in the country. 

The Plaid Cymru admits to taking drugs during his younger days. 

An audience member asks why there is one rule for us and another for MPs. 

Mr Reckless admits that he once missed a vote due to drinking. 

The man asks: “Should we end the prohibition on drugs?”

The audience applauds as Ms Martinez attacks MPs.

Mr Reckless asks why the Tory MP is backing Boris Johnson. 

Ms Villiers: “We need a new Prime Minister who can deliver Brexit.”

She concludes: “They have blood on their hands.”

One man argues that Mr Johnson will unite the country. 

Mr Reckless issues a warning to Mr Johnson – he must stick to his promises. 

Francesca Martinez insists: “We should concentrate on what he’s doing not what he’s saying.”

That claim is met with widespread laughter. 

Mark Reckless now takes over. 

One man calls for a general election.

Another references his spending on NHS. 

One woman asks: “He’s promising tax cuts for the rich, how is that the centreground.” 

Mr Price warns that Mr Johnson could be the “last Prime Minister”.

He also threatens that Wales could become independent if becomes Prime Minister.

She explains why she will support Mr Johnson. 

Quickly, Fiona Bruce interjects to question the Tory MP on some of Mr Johnson’s Mayoral promises.

Stephen Kinnock accused Mr Johnson of being a “right-wing populist”.

He references some of Mr Johnson’s previous comments. 

In a scathing attack, Mr Kinnock refers to the Boris buses and the failed Garden Bridge project. 

He concluded: “He is absolutely not fit to govern this country, it’s a political outrage.”

Fiona Bruce stars off tonight’s show.

Stephen Kinnock is the Labour MP for Aberavon. 

Mr Kinnock has previously worked for the World Economic Forum. 

The MP is also the son of former leader of the Labour Party, Neil Kinnock. 

Mark Reckless is current the leader of the Brexit Party in the Welsh Assembly. 

Mr reckless was also a former member of both Ukip and the Conservative Party. 

During his time with Ukip, Mr Reckless was the MP for Rochester and Strood between 2010-2015. 

Theresa Villiers is the current MP for Chipping Barnet. 

Ms Villiers also served as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland from 2012 to 2016. 

The Tory MP also announced her support for Boris Johnson in the leadership race. 

Adam Price is the current leader of Plaid Cymru. 

Mr Price served as the MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr between 2001-2010 after stepping down from Parliament. 

The leader of Plaid Cymru returned to the Welsh Assembly in 2016. 

Francesca Martinez is a comedian and actor. 

Mr Martinez has previously appeared on the News Quiz and Live at the Appollo. 

The actor is also a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.  


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