BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts ‘freezing’ temperatures as ‘frost’ ravages UK


CAROL KIRKWOOD warned viewers to “watch out” for “patchy fog and ice” as temperatures around the UK plummet to around “freezing” in the “five to seven degrees” range.

BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood forecast that today will be a “wet one in the south east”, with rain already “pouring buckets” outside. Although she promised that some of us will see sunshine, she noted that first thing in the morning there will be some “patchy fog and ice to watch out for”. Ms Kirkwood warned that those travelling early on should “bear that in mind”.

She said: “The set up today is that we’ve got low pressure to the north west and we’ve got a weather front in the south east.

“It’s that weather front that’s producing the rain.

“Through the course of the day it will slowly ease a little bit towards the east, but it will pep up because it’s going to have a wave on it.

“It may look like the rain is ending but it will come back again through the day.”

The weather presenter continued: “We also have fog this morning to watch out for.

“Some of that will be quite slow to clear, particularly so around the Veil of York.

“But most of it should lift, and for many it will be dry with some sunny spells.

“Still some showers in Northern Ireland, on and off through the day, and still some showers crossing Scotland, ending up in the north through the day.”

Ms Kirkwood added: “Temperatures generally in the range five to seven degrees.

“But locally in the south we will see just a little bit higher than that.

“As we head through the evening and overnight, we lose that front form the south east, it dries up.”

She continued: “We’ve got a transient ridge of high pressure across us.

“So it’s going to be a quiet night weather-wise.

“We are expecting fog to form anywhere from east Wales through the Midlands, Lincolnshire and into East Anglia and some of this will be dense.

“Also in the south west, the cloud will be building ahead of the next system going our way.

“It’s going to be a cold night, temperatures around freezing so some of us will also have some frost in the morning.”


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