BBC Weather: ‘Further snow’ for Europe as temperatures plunge to ‘little above freezing’


‘INCREASING amounts of snow’ are expected for parts of Europe this week as the weather picture starts to look a lot more “unsettled” with “very heavy rain” and “some damaging gusts of winds”.

BBC Meteorologist Stav Danaos warned viewers there would be a “chance of some flooding rains” across Iberia in the next couple of days “thanks to weather systems pushing in off the Atlantic and almost grinding to a halt”. Portugal, in particular, is at risk of “some very heavy rain” over the next few days because of this weather front. The weather presenter also said that “very windy weather” would be producing “some huge waves” there.

He said: “It’s also pretty windy across the western Mediterranean.

“There’s some damaging gusts of winds as we head out of Sunday into Monday.

“There’ll be increasing amounts of snow for the Alps there.

“But the whole system there moving northwards is milder.”

Mr Danaos continued: “Settled conditions move in as we move through the week.

“Much of the eastern side of the Mediterranean should be dry, fine, plenty of sunshine and quite warm too.

“There’s that area of very wet weather though for western Iberia on Monday, stretching up into Biscay, and northern and western France as well. We’ll also see fairly strong winds too.

“It stays pretty cold though for Scandinavia, temperatures a little above freezing in places.”

The BBC presenter added: “There’ll be further snow if any rain pushes in from the west.

“A drier story though across eastern Europe on Tuesday.

“More unsettled, wetter and windier further west.”

He continued: “It stays pretty unsettled, in fact, for the rest of the week.

“The temperatures will be climbing in both London and Paris towards the end of the week.

“But it will turn more unsettled and there’ll be showers and longer spells of rain for Rome and Madrid.

“Not too bad in Berlin, there’ll be a bit of dry weather around.

“But for Athens we hold onto the dry and sunny weather throughout the week.”


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