BBC Weather: ‘Significant snow’ to crash into Europe as temperatures tumble


SIGNIFICANT snow is expected to fall over some parts of Europe as the weather becomes “disturbed”, and even potentially “disruptive” with rough seas, heavy rain and “damaging” gusts, forecasters have claimed.

BBC Meteorologist Stav Danaos forecast some “significant snow” over the Alps this week as the Christmas period approaches. However, the weather presenter also told viewers that flash flooding warnings are in force across the eastern Mediterranean because of “thunderstorms and showers”. He also warned that there would be “some disturbed weather” across the European continent.

The BBC presenter said: “One area of low pressure in the eastern Mediterranean, bringing some hefty showers and thunderstorms, as well as rough seas and strong winds.

“This will mainly affect southern Italy, Greece and the Aegean Sea, and then into southwest Turkey.

“This next area of low pressure bringing rain and gales to Ireland and the British Isles and then pushing into the mainland continent.

“This will bring some heavy rain and also some significant snow over the Alps.”

He continued: “But these thunderstorms and showers across the eastern Mediterranean could cause some issues around the middle part of the week.

“Flash flooding warnings are in force here.

“Drier story though, further west, widespread sunshine here, in fact, for much of Spain and Portugal.

“It will be very windy and wet for central west portions of France, the low countries and into Scandinavia.”

Mr Danaos added: “Temperatures here are in single figures because it’s going to be quite cold for the snow across the higher ground of Scandinavia.

“Next area of low pressure moves in for Thursday into Biscay, France and the British Isles.

“This one could be pretty disruptive with rough seas, and potentially damaging gusts.”

He continued: “But it will bring a span of slightly milder air too.

“It’s very unsettled for the north west of Europe for the next few days.

“Largely dry with some sunshine for Madrid and Rome, bar the odd shower around.

“It stays pretty cold further east across the continent. For Athens, we should start to see a return to sunshine by the weekend.”


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