Beauty salons will bend over backwards to be safe – we have waiting lists of thousands and must reopen soon


WHEN the Prime Minister announced that hair salons, pubs and cinemas could open on July 4, we were disappointed.

We really had our fingers crossed that we would be able to offer our brow and waxing treatments once again and get our teams back at work.

Our shops thankfully opened on June 15 but our brow bars have had to remain shut – and we can only wait for the Government to tell us when.

Beauty isn’t a life and death industry, but we already have a wait list of thousands so we know the need and demand is there.

We are confident we can open safely and securely and have already put the highest possible safety standards in place.

At Benefit, we understand that doing someone’s brows or a wax puts you in closer contact than a haircut would.

We have already put into place plans which will include – but isn’t limited to – our bars being disinfected between customers, clients sitting two seats apart, and a requirement for customers and staff alike to wear masks when needed.

Covid or no covid, the beauty industry already has an extremely high bar for hygiene.

If I knew one of our many brow bars nationwide wasn’t able to welcome customers safely, I’d have no hesitation in keeping that brow bar shut.

Everyone has to take personal responsibility for their health and safety.

Luckily, following any new guidelines will not be a stretch for the majority of beauty professionals.

Even though we can adhere to all the Government guidelines given to us, we still don’t know why we can’t open.

I have no doubt that we would bend over backwards to exceed expectations.

Another issue for the beauty industry is we have no licensing and no Government regulatory body to sign us off like other professions do.

There’s no-one who can check over and sign off our reopening protocol.

Believe me, we’d be happy to share it with anyone who asked if it meant we could open for business again.

Anything we are asked to do to reopen, we’ll do it.

British retailers have already proved they can rise to the challenge and make sure shopping is safe for customers – I know the beauty industry can do the same.


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