Beijing to ensure smooth transportation of life necessities


Beijing has taken a variety of measures to ensure the smooth transportation of life and medical necessities.

The Chinese capital has established a working mechanism on logistics and issued a work plan in this regard, said Rong Jun, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, at a press conference on Wednesday.

Authorities have demanded strict pandemic prevention and control efforts during transportation. Qualified vehicles have been provided with certificates to allow them easier entrance into the city.

Specifically, vehicles delivering fresh agricultural products to Beijing can enter quickly and free of charge through “green channels.” Those transporting medical and daily supplies that are coordinated by the city can also receive emergency transport permits for easy entry.

In addition, vehicles with emergency supply allocation (transfer) certificate can pass first before others when entering Beijing. The certificate was jointly issued by the municipal authorities of commerce, economic and information technology, housing and urban development, and agriculture and rural affairs.

Drivers and loaders who deliver materials to Beijing and stay for only a short period of time are not required to be quarantined for 14 days as long as they show normal body temperatures and their place of stay has imposed strict access control, officials from the Ministry of Transport said.

Relevant government departments have formulated a transportation security work plan and specific certification procedures. Over 300 emergency supply allocation (transfer) certificates had been issued from June 24 to 30.


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