Biden policies ‘threat’ to American values: Former VP



Former US Vice President Mike Pence decried President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, saying his politics are “war on American traditional values.”

“The most disturbing development of the last 100 days has been the Biden administration’s whole-hearted embrace of the radical left’s all-encompassing, rapidly-escalating war on American traditional values,” Pence wrote on Twitter late Thursday.

“They abolished the 1776 commission aimed at promoting patriotism in American education, they authorized teaching Critical Race Theory in federal agencies and public schools, and they restored Title 10 funding to Planned Parenthood. Had enough? I have,” he continued.

Title 10 was a Trump-era family planning policy that stripped federal funds from clinics that refer patients for abortions.

“We will reject Critical Race Theory in our schools and public institutions, and we will CANCEL Cancel Culture wherever it arises!” he said in a separate tweet.

Pence also made his first public appearance Thursday after leaving his post in Columbia, South Carolina.

He touted what he said he and former President Donald Trump were able to accomplish during their four years in office as he participated in an event hosted by the Palmetto Family Council, a South Carolina social conservative Christian group.


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