Birth doula and mother of six Jen urges all mums to eat their PLACENTAS post-birth


A mother has revealed how she recovered following the birth of her six children by eating her own placentas after transforming them into capsules. 

Australian birth doula Jen claimed taking placenta capsules can boost iron levels, improve milk supply and eradicate the risk of post-natal depression.

She decided to set up her own business transforming placentas into capsules for women for post-birth recovery after she saw an opening in the market.

Appearing on SBS’s show Medicine or Myth?, the 44-year-old shared a step-by-step demonstration on turning the organs into powder inside her humble caravan.

To prepare the capsules, she rinses the placenta, slices them thinly and places them in a dehydrator for 12 hours before grinding them into a fine powder.

She claims ingesting the ground up placenta postnatally can help with energy and milk supply.

‘Placentas are full of nutrients and hormones, it sort of replenishes what you lose after birth. I found it gave me more energy,’ Jen said.

‘It enhance the milk for me and loads of people have said that it does enhance their milk supply. I imagine the iron content and the B6 in the placenta, it sort of replenishes the vitamins that way.

‘If I can do six kids and still feel great, then I want other women to experience that too.’

The mother – who has worked as a doula for six years – said the idea came to mind after her clients started asking for their placentas to be encapsulated.

‘I have a background in pharmacy, it’s just a natural progression for me,’ she said.

Jen said she has never eaten raw placenta but found it easier to digest when it’s turned into a powder.

‘It just makes it more palatable, it’s easier to swallow tiny capsule then it is to actually eat your placenta,’ she said.

‘It’s not for everyone.’

After pitching her remedy, the panel of judges, including renowned Dr Charlie Teo, said they couldn’t see a trial working for encapsulated placenta because of the potential for high amounts of bacteria. 

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