‘Black Clover’ Chapter 259 Delayed, New Release Date Announced, Spoilers: Asta Vs. Dante


Asta charges toward Dante with all his might and a fierce battle will begin. However, fans will have to wait as “Black Clover” Chapter 259 is not releasing Sunday, July 26.

The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is on a one-week break and the new manga chapters are delayed

“Black Clover: Chapter 259 is now scheduled to release Sunday, Aug. 2, Manga Plus confirmed.

This article contains spoilers from chapter 258.

Asta and Yami Sukehiro prepare to battle as a unit against Dante in “Black Clover” Chapter 258 named “A Captain’s Duty.” Dante challenges them to entertain him more. Yami tells Asta to be on his tail as they launch an attack. Dante throws massive pieces of rock at them, which Yami and Asta manage to break.

Yami slices Dante’s right hand and it is an opportunity for Asta to attack the enemy with his blade.

Dante recovers and attacks Asta. Meanwhile, Yami knows Asta’s Anti Magic is the key to their victory.

Asta thinks he is holding back Yami and how his six months of training is worthless in front of someone like Yami. As Dante gets ready to unleash his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta knows he will have to use every ounce of power in his body to tackle Dante.

In “Black Clover” Chapter 258, Asta decides to call the devil inside of him. He manages to connect with his devil and asks it to lend its power to him. He believes that his devil has changed now. Asta tells his devil that he knows it wants Dante dead too. The devil agrees to share its true power with him but it needs something suitable in return. The devil announces he will need a part of Asta’s body and it is the devil’s bargain.

Asta says even if he becomes a devil, he will need to surpass his limits to take on someone like Dante. He wants to become the kind of person who can come through for Yami.

The chapter ends with a panel showing Asta with the devil’s arm charging toward Dante.


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