Black & minority ethnic people’s faces could feature on money for first time


BLACK and minority ethnic people’s faces could feature on money for the first time.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, chancellor Rishi Sunak is looking at proposals by a campaign group to put influential BAME figures on a set of coins.

The plans have been submitted to the Royal Mint, the newspaper reports, and Mr Sunak is allegedly “keen to support them”.

John Glen, the Treasury minister, told the Sunday Telegraph: “The Chancellor is aware of this.

“We are obviously supportive and keen to be positive about it, we need to see some firm proposals from the Royal Mint but we are keen for this to happen.”

Black and ethnic minority people have never featured on coins or notes before and the campaign, led by Zehra Zaidi, a former Conservative Party parliamentary candidate, has been fighting for this to be changed.

Historical BAME figures that are allegedly being considered include the first Indian and Gurkha soldiers to receive the Victoria Cross.

Other figures include Mary Seacole, the Crimean War nurse; and Noor Inayat Khan, a Second World War agent and one of only four women to have received the George Cross.

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