Boris Johnson must coax a wary public out of their homes and back to work


OUR poll today shows how tough it is for the PM to fight Covid on one hand and the spectre of mass unemployment on the other.

Fear of catching the virus is understandably the biggest concern for 57 per cent of the population.

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But to boost the faltering economy and protect jobs Boris must coax a wary public out of their homes and back to work.

Our survey shows he may be winning that battle, with 71 per cent supporting a return to travelling into the office.

What’s more, the poll puts him ahead of Labour when it comes to who is trusted on the country’s finances.

But it’s not all good news for Boris, and his personal popularity ratings have taken a knock.

Given he has been faced with the worst health crisis of modern times, that may not be so surprising.

But it also reflects an often chaotic approach, reflecting tensions between ministers and scientific advisers.

On Friday the PM seized back the initiative with his call to ease more restrictions.

He needs to keep a firm grip on it as we approach the end of lockdown.

At the end of his first 12 months in power Boris can reflect on a year like no other: election victory, Brexit, a baby son and a brush with death.

He remains our best hope of defeating Covid and saving our devastated economy. In sickness and in health.

SIR Keir Starmer had plenty of experience of defending suspected terrorists from his days as a lawyer.

So it is no surprise that later, as a Labour big beast, he sided with jihadi bride Shamima Begum in her battle to fight for her UK citizenship in Britain.

The former human rights lawyer and his frontbench cronies attacked the then Home Secretary for blocking the IS bride’s return from Syria 15 months ago.

Now he is Labour leader, Sir Keir may find his lawyer’s view of the world does not chime with his own voters.

You don’t have to be a Conservative supporter to be outraged by a terror fanatic winning the right to return here.

FATIMA Bridle is a beacon of hope to us all.

The housewife spent a terrifying 120 days in intensive care battling corona- virus, 105 of them on a ventilator, but is finally out of danger.

In heartfelt thanks to the NHS for her miraculous recovery, she praised doctors and nurses as “incredible”.

So are you, Fatima.

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