Boris Johnson orders GPs to tell overweight patients that they are fat in new anti-obesity drive


DOCTORS are under orders to be brutally frank and tell overweight patients “You’re fat!” as part of a new anti-obesity drive.

PM Boris Johnson launches the Better Health campaign targeting 35million too-heavy Brits, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock says GPs must be “direct” to get the nation fit and ease NHS ­pressures.

He told the Sun on Sunday: “Just like a generation ago GPs helped to stop people smoking, so now GPs will help people get fit.

“We’ll be getting GPs to be compassionate and direct with people.”

Fatties will be put on a 12-week healthy eating and activity plan with family doctors prescribing cycling and walking.

A 9pm watershed for telly junk food ads is also planned while restaurants and takeaways will have to publish ­calorie counts.

And experts say overweight folk are at a higher risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19.

The Prime Minister has lost a stone since his own near-death Covid experience in April.

Two-thirds of UK adults are too heavy and one in three ten and 11-year-olds are overweight or obese, costing the NHS £6billion a year.

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