Boris Johnson: What happens if Boris Johnson loses his seat? Could he still be PM?


BORIS JOHNSON and Jeremy Corbyn are facing off in the latest elections, as the two main parties fight for an overall majority in Parliament today. What would happen if Boris Johnson lost his seat?

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are vying for a majority in Parliament today, after operating in Commons with a minority government. Mr Johnson is fighting his first election as Prime Minister in Westminster, but also for another term as the MP of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where he is facing stiff competition.

What happens if Boris Johnson loses his seat?

Boris Johnson is currently operating on a wafer-thin majority in his constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where he has served since 2015.

In the 2017 elections, he clinched a majority of 5,034 votes, making his the smallest personal majority for a Prime Minister since 1924.

If enough people voted for his motivated rival, Labour candidate Ali Milani, the Prime Minister could lose his seat.

If unseated today, Boris Johnson could technically still serve as Prime Minister.

There is no law in government which says the Prime Minister has to be a sitting MP, but this situation has never transpired before.

If Mr Johnson did lose Uxbridge and South Ruislip, he could be airlifted into another, more secure seat.

All it would require is for a Conservative MP with a high majority in his constituency to step aside.

Professor Robert Hazell, a British politics and constitution expert at University College London, said the chosen MP would have good reason to step down.

He said they would likely be offered something considerable to make the move worthwhile.

Speaking to Vice, he said: “They would look for a Conservative MP in a reasonably safe seat, with a big majority, to step down.

“They’d probably offer that MP a place in the House of Lords as an inducement for stepping aside.”

The results for Mr Johnson’s seat are expected tomorrow morning around 4.30am.

There is still disagreement over whether Ali Milani is able to unseat the Prime Minister at all, however, as it would require significant support.

Although Boris Johnson’s majority is small in comparison to other constituencies, it is still sizeable.

Mr Milani would require a five percent swing in the constituency to win, not a huge feat but still significant given his opponent is the Prime Minister.

Regardless, the Labour candidate is motivated to win, and previously declared he would send Mr Johnson to the “House of Lords earlier than expected”.

He said: “I’ve studied here, I’ve worked here, I live here. I had surgery in the local hospital.

“I tell them on the doorstep: when Boris Johnson is ill, which hospital do you think he will be treated at?

“[Johnson] has no connections to this area other than as a platform for him to get to No 10. At the time it was a safe seat for him, though not any more.”

What happens if Boris Johnson loses his seat?


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