Boris Johnson’s government may be doomed by a surge in migrants crossing the English Channel.


Boris Johnson’s government may be doomed by a flood of migrants crossing the English Channel in record numbers.

The government’s top priority must be regaining control of our borders.

Boris Johnson cannot claim that Brexit has been completed properly while illegal migrants continue to abuse our asylum system.

More damage to the Conservatives will be done by the record number of people crossing the Channel in shady dinghies than by sleaze.

As a result, we applaud the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint a minister to bang heads across Whitehall.

But why has it taken so long to get to this point?

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has announced a series of no-nonsense initiatives.

However, 55,000 asylum seekers have been awaiting a decision for more than three years.

That’s more than double what it was in 2015.

And the nearly 25,000 people who have arrived on our shores this year, aided and abetted by nefarious traffickers, are the size of a small town.

Why aren’t we able to deport those who aren’t supposed to be here?

We don’t seem to be able to persuade others not to embark on the perilous journey.

While there are no easy answers, it is clear that the French need to step up their game.

However, the Home Office’s statements are frequently devoid of substance.

Tough detention centers in countries like Albania may make migrants reconsider their decision.

More needs to be done to eliminate the underground economy’s powerful magnet.

The patience of the electorate is rapidly dwindling.

Before this tsunami of human misery overwhelms them, the government must turn the tide.


But, as with the scaled-back HS2 plan, the PM has a habit of overpromising and leaving voters disappointed.

We need fewer extravagant plans like his proposed tunnel connecting Scotland and Northern Ireland.

He should instead focus on traditional Conservative issues like law and order and tax cuts.

For ordinary people, progressing must become a tangible reality.

The next election will be decided by detailed policies.

There will be no wishful thinking.

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