Boris lookalike bookings SURGE amid Brexit and election drama – ‘More popular than SANTA’


BORIS JOHNSON is more popular than Father Christmas, according to celebrity lookalike agencies that have dropped Santas nationwide as a result of the surge of bookings for fans of the Prime Minister.

Bookings for the eccentric blond Prime Minister have overtaken those for Father Christmas, with organisers hailing Brexit and the December general election for bringing in more business. Lookalikes celebrity agency boss Andy Harmer said the current trend is that people are trading traditional festive cheer for a Boris lookalike, or a Jeremy Corbyn. Though the latter is set to change as the Labour leader this week announced he would stand down following the disaster result that left the party with just 203 MPs.

Mr Harmer told the Mirror Online: “I have had more enquiries for Boris and Corbyn than I did for Santa and Star Wars.

“They’re doing all sorts of things, I’ve had a Boris Johnson appear at the O2 alongside a rap duo.

“I had a lot of work for them together before the election doing silly stunts like table tennis.

“Surprisingly, I had a request for Theresa May the other day, she was invited to a holiday camp to have good fun on the election night on the dance floor.”

He added the election has made a massive difference to Christmas bookings.

He said: “I think Boris is getting more work than Corbyn after the election though, he’s definitely more popular.

“It helps that he’s such a big character, he stands out and he’s got a recognisable voice. There’s a lot of comedy you can do with him.”

Mr Harmer charges £500 for a Boris booking, with his company based in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

It comes as the Queen’s Speech took place this afternoon at the House of Lords, which saw Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn predictably trade barbs.

Mr Corbyn saw attempts to make light of the Queen’s Speech backfire as members of the Commons jeered the Labour leader when he compared the state opening of Parliament to a “pantomime”.

Mr Corbyn sparked the sneering reaction of members of Parliament when he suggested the joke manner in which newly-elected MPs viewed the Queen’s Speech.

The Labour leader made the comments as part of his response to the Government’s policy blueprint for the next five years.

Addressing colleagues, Mr Corbyn said: “I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members to the House on both sides of the House because being a member of Parliament is a massive achievement.

“It’s a massive honour. And I would’ve thought in witnessing our opening proceedings today that must have thought, ‘what on Earth have I taken on? The pantomime season has come very early this season’.”

Members of Parliament, however, did not appear to appreciate the joke and jeered Mr Corbyn, who immediately replied: “Yeah, look behind you.”

Mr Johnson said: “Last week’s seismic election not only changed the political landscape, it has broken the parliamentary deadlock of the last three years and allowed the country to go forward.

“Millions of people, many of them who have never voted Conservative before, put their faith in this Government and voted overwhelmingly for us to move this country on and deliver change.

“We have no time to waste, and we begin immediately with the most radical Queen’s Speech in a generation to deliver on the priorities of the British people.”


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