Boy, 13, who attacked cops while shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and left PCs in fear of being called racist is sentenced


A 13-YEAR-OLD boy who beat two police officers while shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been sentenced to a nine-month referral order.

The teen admitted kicking an officer’s head and hitting and poking another officer in Hackney, east London.

PC Andrew MacPherson and PC Reem Ali were attacked on June 10 and footage of the incident later went viral on social media.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan were among those to publicly condemn the attack.

The 13-year-old boy pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting an emergency worker by beating at an earlier hearing.

Stratford Youth Court was told the boy thought he was helping another man who he saw in a headlock and had been anxious following the death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests.

Prosecuting, Varinder Hayre said: “This was an unprovoked deliberate group attack on two serving police officers who were in uniform going about their daily duties.

“[The teen] was the fourth person to appear on the scene. He was riding a bicycle. He made no effort to assist the officer who was struggling on the floor with another man.

“The situation started to escalate. The police officer had to activate his emergency button. [The teen] got off his bicycle while filming the scene on his mobile telephone and kicked PC McPherson on his collar bone while he was still on the floor.

“The kick could be seen on the video, and this had been widely circulated on social media. The officer was still on the ground struggling with the four defendants.

“[The teen] jumped back out of the way and took a selfie of himself.”

PC MacPherson suffered a bloody graze on his shoulder, muscle pain in his chest and back and pain in his ribs. PC Ali escaped without serious injury.

Ms Hayre read out victim impact statements from the officers.

PC MacPherson said: “They decided to assault police officers without any context or knowledge of what was happening beforehand.

“It is sad that society has become skewed in its view of policing. Police officers are judged by one of many thousands of incidents.

“If I had reacted differently, I am certain I would have been called a racist police officer. My face and name could have been all over the internet and papers. What would this have done to me?”

PC Ali said: “I was called a racist and evil for just doing my job. I was trying to help my colleague who was on the floor but they were shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’.

“Yes I agree black lives matter but so does mine and my colleague’s. I think it can sometimes be used to justify some people’s wrongdoing.”

Three men Paul Kabemba, 33, Jordan Thomas, 20, and Marvin Henderson, 34, all from Hackney, were also arrested after the attack and appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court last month.

Kabemba indicated not guilty pleas to one count of assault by beating on a member of the public and one count of assault on an emergency worker.

He was granted bail on the condition that he does not contact the member of the public, who he is alleged to have punched and spat at.

Thomas indicated not-guilty pleas to two counts of assaulting an emergency worker. Henderson indicated not guilty pleas to the same charges.

All three will appear at Wood Green Crown Court on July 10.


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