Boy, 15, finds world’s biggest chip at 7.1 inches in bag of Aldi oven fries


PROUD Archie Chisnall has battered the record — for the world’s biggest chip.

Archie, 15, measured the whopper at 7.1in after fishing it out of a packet of frozen oven fries. 

It beat Sun reader Oliver Dale’s 7in claim for the world title in May — making Archie our new chipsy king.

Archie spotted the uber tuber as he made lunch using a £1.05 bag of Aldi Champion Steak Cut frozen chips.

He said: “As I put them on the tray, this huge chip came out.

I thought, ‘Wow, that’s big’. I was in awe and thought that I’d measure it.”

Archie, of St Helens, Merseyside, added: “From its length, I thought it must be a record.

“I checked and saw the story from May about one that was a tad shorter than mine, so it was!”

Oliver, 37, of York, had claimed the size prize for a giant found in a £2.29 bag of McCain oven chips from Asda.

Guinness World Records say the largest chip, at 24lb 4oz, was made in Gujarat, India, in 2018 but there is no known record for the longest so we say chip, chip, hooray for Archie.

Aldi said: “We’re honoured to have played our part in helping him set a prestigious world record.”

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